Problem with threading on Solaris

Lionel Ulmer bbrox at
Sat Sep 8 17:57:37 CEST 2001

On 07 Sep 2001 23:21:14 +0200, Martin von Loewis
<loewis at> wrote:
>Also, pthread_attr_setscope is part of Single Unix, so there is a good
>chance that it is available on many Unix implementations. If
>available, support for either contention scope is optional, so an
>autoconf test may be required to find out whether PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM
>is available. If it is, Python should probably use it.

Ok, will try to add a configure check when 'pthread' has been found to see
if 'pthread_attr_setscope(&attr, PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM)' compiles. If yes, I
will add this to the thread_pthread.h file.

By the way, how should I handle all the 'PY_PTHREAD_D*' mess ? In some case,
we use 'NULL' as the thread attributes, sometimes 'pthread_attr_default'. If
I do my patch as told, I will have to change all the NULL or
pthread_attr_default parameters by my own variable that will be initialized
by 'pthread_attr_init'.

Should I change this in all the D4 / D6 / D7 sections or only in the STD
section (the one used on Solaris) ?

Anyway, more news on monday when I come back to work and have access to my
Solaris workstation :-)


PS: thanks to have applied (and improved) my telnetlib patch even if I was
    completely unresponsive (I was pretty busy lately).

		 Lionel Ulmer -

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