unicode mystery

Alex Rice alex at integretechpub.com
Wed Sep 12 23:49:07 CEST 2001

Paul Prescod wrote:

> I think the Symbol font is just not a Unicode font. Look in the Windows
> character map. Here's a hint. In the bottom left-corner, some fonts have
> their ordinals described like this: "U+0021" but Symbol has them just
> described as "0xCF". Also, the unicode fonts associate names with
> characters (again in the Character map). Symbol does not. Finally, I
> used some tools to look inside the Symbol file and it has "Product Name"
> of "Microsoft® Windows(TM) Operating System" and "Product Version" of
> "3.10". I think this means that the font hasn't been upgraded since
> Windows 3.1!!!
> You need to switch to a Unicode font if you want to use Python's Unicode
> features.

Interesting... I think you are right. Happily, all the same characters
come through fine as Unicode if a font other than Symbol is used to
insert them into the document.

What app you using that you can see the ordinals of the fonts and the
char names? I don't see it NT4's character map viewer. Must be new in

However, these pesky Symbol characters seem to be difficult to get rid
of. (I'm not the author of these documents). I tried searching and
replacing in Word based on the Font but it seems to have no effect.
Stupid Symbol font.

Thanks for your comments,


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