memory violation error

Silvio Arcangeli sarcangeli at
Thu Sep 13 14:43:25 CEST 2001

Hello everybody,
I'm using Python to run scripts over a C API, and I have a problem with a 
particular function of this API.
When I call it from Python it raises a memory violation error. I'm quite 
sure that this problem it's caused by the API function, since if I comment 
out the line that calls it in the extension module the error is not raised. 
(The code of the function in the extension module is bug free for sure, it 
doesn't do anything else than calling PyArg_ParseTuple, the API function 
and then Py_BuildVaule.)
The strange thing is  that the API function seems to work fine in C, the 
results are just the expected ones, and if I run the same code in a C 
application no such error happens. The memory violation error happens only 
when the function in the extension module is returning to the interpreter.
What could be the cause?


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