How to resize tkinter label widget

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sat Sep 8 14:36:14 CEST 2001

Eric Frey wrote:
> I am trying to let users resize an image created with PIL and expand the
> label widget (and the window) that I am using to display the image. I
> am using the PIL ImageTk module to create PhotoImages and displaying it
> using a label. I can successfully resize the image using PIL and paste
> it back into the photoimage.

footnote: Pasting into a visible ImageTk.PhotoImage can
be very slow.  It's usually more efficient to create a new
PhotoImage object.

> When I do this, the label widget stays the same size. I
> would like to expand it so it contains the new image.

given a label widget "w" and a PIL image "im",

    w.config(width=im.size[0], height=im.size[1])

should do the trick.

hope this helps!


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