Change in IE COM behavior

Carlos Gaston Alvarez cgaston at
Thu Sep 6 17:07:23 CEST 2001

At last something I can answer. (I am new to python).


So it will do things in a new instance. It seems that without the Ex it
recicles windows.



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> I had for some time been using the win32com.client package to control
> MS Internet Explorer, but recently have seen a change in it's
> behavior. What used to happen is that each time I called
> win32com.client.Dispatch('InternetExplorer.Application') I would get a
> new instance of the browser.
> Now when I do it, I get attached to the topmost _existing_ browser
> window (could be an IE window, or an explorer window). Subsequent
> calls attach to the same instance, rather than creating new ones. It
> is probably some recent installation/update that caused this, but I'm
> not sure where to start looking... has anyone seen this before?
> I'm running Python 2.1 (ActiveState build 211) with win2k (latest
> service pak applied) and IE 5.5.
> Chris
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