can't import dbi, odbc or win32com

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Wed Sep 26 20:43:21 CEST 2001

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"Marcel Lüttmann" <luettmann at> wrote in message news:3BB21FCC.A5583FFD at
> Hello out there,
> I've got a problem:
> I installed Python 2.2a3 completely, and wanted to access an ODBC
> Database.

You shouldn't use alpha releases without a good reason.

> All examples for this start with "import dbi, odbc", but Python tells me
> that there is no module named dbi. "import os" works without problems.
> Same problem occured when I tried to create a com client: Python
> couldn't find the module win32com.
> Even installing and using Python 2.1.1 resulted in these error messages.
> I'm new to Python, so I bet I did something wrong.
> But what?

These modules are not included in the core, you can install
them separately from (Mark Hammond's win32all extensions),
or - even better - you remove python2.1.1 again and install ActiveState's
python distribution, which includes these and other goodies as well.
Highly recommended!


PS: Greetings from münster!

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