anygui - tabs wont work in mswgui

Anders M Eriksson anders.eriksson at
Thu Sep 20 13:31:41 CEST 2001


I have programmed Python for a while but only as command line
programs. Now I adding a GUI and have selected anygui 0.1a2

I have created a window with 5 label, 3 textfields and a button. all
implemented code work but

Since I'm on a Windows computer anygui will select PythonWin  (mswgui)
as the backend and Tab will not work! If I change the backend to
Tkinter (tkgui), then Tab works!

Is this a bug or am I suppoesed to do something to make Tab jump from
one control to the next?

Second question: Is there a FileOpen dialog in anygui? If there is how
do I use it?

Since I'm a Windows guy I don't know if there are any Common Dialogs
in the *nix world, but I think that a FileOpen/Save dialog is so
common that every GUI should have one!?

// Anders

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