newbie question - executing system commands

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams ignacio at
Tue Sep 4 19:54:51 CEST 2001

On 4 Sep 2001, Donn Cave wrote:

> You can look, but unless you made special provisions for it in aCmdLine,
> you won't find them.  On UNIX, diagnostic and error output will go to a
> separate output stream, probably already open on the tty.  If you want
> them in the popen pipe (and you probably don't want them!), you can
> probably get them with a "2>&1" in the command line - that reopens the
> diagnostic output on the same stream as standard output, which has already
> been opened on the popen pipe.  (1 == standard output, 2 == error output,
> >& == dup2().)
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Ugh. If you're going to do that, then you're probably better using

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