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> On Tuesday 11 September 2001 11:58, Tom Harris wrote:

>> I used to have a script that would automatically renew my
>> library books by talking to the library catalogue via telnet. I
>> tried to use it again and I find that they have removed the
>> telnet option, and just left the CGI web page. What is the
>> suggested Pythonic solution to retreiving information from http
>> pages, I could use a regex but this would take some care to be
>> less than extremely fragile, and would probably break every
>> time a small change was made to the page.
> Use HTMLParser from the standard library. It lets you define
> do_foo() methods when you extend it - where "foo" is the tag
> name you wish to handle. For example, do_img(self, attributes)
> will be called for every <img> tag in the source, with the
> attributes of the tag passed in as a list of 2-tuples.

Or you could take the books back...


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