Is there any editor support python?

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at
Mon Sep 10 01:58:31 CEST 2001

Andrew Brown:

> [awe-inspiring URL snipped]
> So what you're saying is that Scite takes advantage of the search features
> built into things like compiled help files? And if the help is just a
> collection of un-indexed web pages, then there is no cleverer way to do it
> than to keep a browser window open?
> I'm not complaining. This sounds eminently reasonable. I just want to be
> sure tht I have understood you correctly.

   Yes, SciTE just knows how to run various things. This started out with
running other processes, either attached or in the background and has
evolved into calling the help file viewers HtmlHelp and WinHelp. If you want
to have something that searches through a set of web pages then you'll have
to write a program that can be called to achieve this.


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