Pythonwin and .NET

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Mon Sep 10 15:31:22 CEST 2001

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> The existing Python implementation already has pretty good COM support.
>   We all thought just a few years ago that these COM capabilities would
> help make Python a serious contender on the Windows platform - but many
> years on, I still shudder to think how few VB programmers in the larger
> corporate shops have even heard of Python.
> Mark.
You are right here, but as you state in one of your presentations the issue
maybe that of marketing.  I speak from experience.  Weeks ago I was going
all out at my work trying to convince many to use Python for a CGI program.
I was just not willing to use Perl with its messy syntax.  What won the case
is when I  actually made a demo and everyone could see how neat the whole
thing was.  Then I made another demo using COM and Python then yet another
demo connecting to a database and showing the results using Tkinter while
using ADODB through COM in Pythonwin.  Thus the flurry of posts here from
me - because I discovered that what matters is **the demo** where anyone can
see.  And that is what convinced everyone that there is something powerful
The main concern for management is:  this is a free software, so there is no
support for it!
My answer:  it is not a free software, and, anyway, don't you all use Perl
for example?  I do not see you complain that it is a 'free software.'  And
also, support for Python is much better than all the tech support agreements
you sign with companies where you end up, on many occasions, talking with
some mediocre person.  blah blah etc.. etc.....
There are some deep misconceptions in the corporate shops on these issues.
And marketing is key issue with many corporate shops.
just my 2 pennies :)

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