Pythonwin and .NET

Samuele Pedroni pedroni at
Mon Sep 10 13:49:31 CEST 2001

Mark Hammond wrote:

> Samuele Pedroni wrote:
> >>If .NET never has this capability, it will mean that Python itself can
> >>only take advantage of Python's features - so why use the .NET
> >>implementation of Python at all?
> >>
> >>
> > I don't get this argument. At least it doesn't work for
> > Jython and the JVM. If it were true nobody would be using
> > Jython. But anybody with the right feeling about when performance
> > is important and when not and grasps Jython knows that is is worth
> > using in many, many cases ....
> No disrespect to Jython, but I am not sure it has revolutionized, or
> made huge inroads into the Java world.  I understand that the Gartner
> Group expects Java to be the most popular language within the next few
> years.  I would be interested to know what percentage of Java users have
> used, or are even aware of Jython.
> Then .NET blurs the issue even further - you will need to look no
> further than Microsoft to find JScript, VB, C# and C++ languages that
> target .NET.  Finding Java targetting .NET will be only one link away.
> The existing Python implementation already has pretty good COM support.
>   We all thought just a few years ago that these COM capabilities would
> help make Python a serious contender on the Windows platform - but many
> years on, I still shudder to think how few VB programmers in the larger
> corporate shops have even heard of Python.
> Mark.

This sounds like a totally different argument.
You first argument ounded like Python.NET
is not technically worth.
Now it seems that the point is that it is not
worth because there is no real audience.

I dont't think that Jython has revolutionized
the java world. But the comments we get
from people using it are more or less
saying that it is "revolutionary". But
yes, on "our" side, there is no VB
in the Java world.

I never tried Python.NET,
it is just a compiler?
or it has an interactive
mode and exec, etc
support? ...

regards, Samuele.

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