large class hierarchies in python

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Mon Sep 10 21:07:25 CEST 2001

"Justin Dubs" <jtdubs at> wrote:
>Ack.  Can one of you guys point me in the right direction for some
>compiler/interpreters for Miranda or APL.  I found the APL to C compiler,
>but I was hoping for an interpreter.  Miranda seems to be copyrighted and
>APL seems to have very little website/newsgroup support.  Thanks for you

There are a bunch of free APLs around, but they're not too well-supported
or easy to find.  You should check out J at
instead.  J is the contemporary descendent of APL.

For interesting glimpses at a whole range of lesser-known languages and
programming models, look at the International Conference on Functional
Programming (ICFP) annual contests.  ICFP has sponsored a programming
contest each of the last couple years: they propose a problem (decidedly
non-trivial ones), teams have a couple of days to submit solutions.  Best
performer wins.  The ICFP is naturally oriented towards functional
languages, but the contest is open to anything you care to write in. 
Prizes have been awarded for solutions in J, ML, Haskell, Dylan... There's
a different web site for each year's contest, but if you just search for
"icfp contest 1998", 1999, and so on, you'll find it.

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