python 3D?

Alex Martelli aleax at
Tue Sep 18 09:37:00 CEST 2001

"LAMY Bertrand" <b_lamy at> wrote in message
news:3BA6EC29.43D2DDC7 at
> > Is it going to be based on the existing work of PyOpenGL, Numeric,
pygame and
> > PIL? They're the technologies I'm working with at the moment, and the
> > problem I'm having is to try an understand the sheer scale of the
> > at my disposal when they're combined :)
> Yes it will use PyOpenGL, PyGame and maybe the PIL. I don't think we
> will use Numeric since I have written the math functions we need in a C
> module. In fact actually I am working more on the C extensions to Python
> I need for Py3D

Note that your C-coded functions may (and probably should)
be written to co-operate with the Numeric module, which
offers a good C-oriented API too -- if your functions are
or may be applied to a substantial "bunch" of data at a
time, holding that "bunch" in a Numeric.array is MUCH
faster than holding it in a Python list or array.array,
not to mention the multidimensional flexibility you also
get with Numeric.


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