Sick of the 21st Century ?

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Sat Sep 22 09:30:06 CEST 2001

We all struggle mentally to keep pace with a changing world. In the same way our bodies struggle to adapt to the waste of the technology that we use. The most pervasive of these wastes comes from every piece of electric equipment in our homes and offices.

We have a natural bio-rhythm, but because this artificial, very powerful and all-pervading Electro-Magnetic Field is so strong, our natural bio-rhythm is forced to respond to the frequency of our computers or mobile phones rather than that of the natural environment.

Some of the more commonly reported symptoms of EMF 'poisoning' are:

<> A headache after working at the computer, or being under lights - especially fluorescents.
<> A migraine that lasts for days.
<> Allergies.
<> Being "off color" or a feeling of internal disharmony.

So far, we don't know if there is a "snowball" effect from daily Electro-Magnetic Radiation exposure.

The trouble is, when we find the true answers to these questions, it's often too late.
You may have heard of "sick building syndrome" or "chronic fatigue syndrome". These are often related to EMF pollution.

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