Nice graphs from class hierarchies?

Matthias Riese member at
Wed Sep 5 15:13:51 CEST 2001

Roman Suzi  wrote:
  > Hello!
  > I want to have nice graphs from Python class hierarchies. The daVinci
  > package can do it (see the program below for Exception class tree), but
  > the quality is not good enough.
  > ...
  > I need to set font, size and elements order. DaVinci is nice but it
  > puts lines OVER boxes and I have not found way to control aspects of
  > font and size.

Did you already check the new version 3.0 available at I think we've fixed this problem.

I'd appreciate feedback if your problems with the layout still occur to
further improve daVinci Presenter. There's is also the manual available
online for how to set fonts etc:

Best regards, Matthias Riese
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