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Lee Morgan unknown at
Sun Sep 16 03:19:48 CEST 2001

pixelwig at (PixelWig) writes:

> I know Python has been used to enhance 3D software programs like Hash Animation
> Master.  Are any folks using Python and designing their own 3D object oriented
> programs?  Heard tkinter is easiest to set up for the interface for 3D.  Would


pyopengl is a wrapping of opengl and Pygame can setup your context. But so can
tkinter, wxwindows(my favourite) and I think pyqt. (BTW pypopengl has a sister
pyopenglcontext project to set this up for you under various window systems)

pyVTK has a 3D visualisation component but I've not played with it. I imagine
its at a higher abstraction level than raw opengl calls.

Also check out  

a 3D model generation program (think autodesk) and burgeoning simple game

and for games, look at the "Blade of Darkness, Severence" demo available on the

B. of D. is similar to how I've used python - high level state setting & data
preprocessing in python but engine stuff in c/c++.

But pyopengl is great for trying things out, and if you get the performance you
need in python, why make life harder with a C straight jacket.


BTW Does Hash Animation Master expose an api for 3rd party python access?

> like to hear of some basics, tutorials, books, and suggested places to jump
> off 
> and into this.
> Thanks for your experience.
> -David

Lee Morgan

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