so no more debug packages???

Tim Peters at
Fri Sep 7 04:59:46 CEST 2001

[Stephen Rowley]
> i was reading the specs for 2.2 and it said that they stopped making
> the debug package. said it was too "confusing".

Based on the countless hours I spend responding to email from people who
download that pkg and have no idea what it's good for, yes, it's definitely
confusing.  Worse, I have no idea what use it is either.  For example:

> i've been messing around with c and python and i found the debug
> quite useful.

Useful in what way?  The files are specific to the Microsoft compiler, and
if you're using that, why wouldn't you compile Python yourself from source?
That's what I always did.

> wish they would still post it

It's little work to produce it (I just zip up the files after building the
release), but the followup questions are too time-consuming.  If the people
who want this write a document clearly explaining what it's good for (as
above, I can't -- I know of no good use for it), so that in the end I get a
URL to point people at that answers all their question about it, then I'll
be happy to upload it again.

BTW, you're the first person to notice that the Windows is gone; I
earlier announced that change twice on, and nobody complained.  This
tells me it's probably as pointless to bother with as I've suspected it is
(indeed, yours is the first msg I've ever seen from somebody who claimed to
use it!).

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