Joshua Macy l0819m0v0smfm001 at
Fri Sep 14 00:23:40 CEST 2001

   I think the two primary contenders are Moebius and MOOP (which I 
maintain, having inherited it from its author, Joe Strout).  Of the two, 
I think Moebius is more ambitious, but more involved as far as setup 
(e.g. it uses MySQL as a backend, and a hacked version of Python for the 
interpreter in order to deal with things like preventing untrusted code 
from consuming too many CPU cycles).  You can probably get your feet wet 
much quicker with MOOP.  If you wish, you can check it out at:


Vincent A.Primavera wrote:

> Hello,
> 	A while ago on the list, Python based MUDs were discussed.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to
> which were/are recommended?
> 	Thank you,
> 	Vincent A. Primavera.

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