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> > I want to run a programme, ITS-0/0, which I have downloaded from
> > www.maitint. org. 
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> Ignoring the other messages about RISC-OS python not supporting TK,
> there are two ways to get a python program running on RISC-OS.


Thanks everyone for the discussion. I will find a Windoze machine
somewhere to run ITS-0/0.

I have got a bit of an idea of what Python is about by looking at this
newsgroup for a few weeks, and am asking myself whether to get into it
more. I am not doing any programming at the moment and, if I did, the
first choice would be "BBC" Basic that is incorporated into the RiscOS
operating system, mainly because I am familier with it. Python would be a
clear choice if I wanted platform independence.

I guess that this would be the case for most RiscOS programmers and may
mean that there is less incentive for them to use Python etc. This may
mean that there is also less incentive for porting all the Python bits to

I _know_ that the RiscOS scene is tiny compared with Windows or MacOS but
it is alive and kicking. I hope that it can be included in the impressive
list of operating systems that are fully supported by Python.

Are there really useful applications written in Python? Where would they
be listed?


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