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Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Sep 12 15:07:39 CEST 2001

Aahz Maruch wrote:
> In article <3B9D11B9.D665D36A at>,
> Peter Hansen  <peter at> wrote:
> >
> >Meanwhile, is it really the case that "extension" refers exclusively
> >to code not written in Python?  If so, please refer me to where the
> >official definition has been made so I can set my mind at ease.
> I don't think it's official, but that does seem to be the standard usage
> based on my, um, three years here.

Good enough for me... In the meantime I searched for instances
of Python extensions and found that the vast majority referred
to non-Python code, though in a few cases it wasn't immediately
obvious (which probably led to my original misassumption 
growing instead of being corrected).  Thanks...

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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