inconsistant arg expectations in jython

Mark Robinson m.1.robinson at
Wed Sep 19 13:03:35 CEST 2001

I hope it isn't considered inappropriate to post jython questions here!

I am running jython 2.1a1 on winNT4 and getting a very unusual error. In 
responce to a getFocus event I attempt to determine  which object 
obtained the focus (in this case a JTextField object) as follows:


At run time I am getting a TypeError exception saying that getName() 
expects 1 arg and is receiving 0. From the Java documentation it would 
seem that getName() doesn't ever take an argument.
Can anyone tell me if this is implemented differently in jython or if I 
am just making a daft mistake, or where I might be able to find out what 
argument it is expecting (my searching has been fruitless).


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