.NET and Python

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Mon Sep 10 15:02:25 CEST 2001

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> > > > I've looked into .NET and I hate to admit it, MS is
> > > > become more right lately.
> > >
> > > Microsoft marketing literature and hype has *always* been right.  For
> the
> >
> > I disagree: I find Microsoft's marketing abysmal in its field.  One
> Yeah, I didn't really express that well :)  I was really trying to say
> something like with .NET, Microsoft is doing a good job of seeming right.
> That doesn't mean they actually are right (at this point).

Oh, I see!  Well, I was surprised by the quality of the betas of
the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET, considering they're
betas -- the *rest* of the .NET "vision" strikes me as _very_
dubious (no matter how well Passport is implemented, for example,
the idea of a closed-source, single-point-of-failure service
becoming crucial to the functioning of most or all of eCommerce
strikes me as VERY bad from a technical viewpoint).


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