windll/win32client question

Alex Martelli aleax at
Wed Sep 12 14:18:57 CEST 2001

"Patrick Vrijlandt" <p.vrijlandt at> wrote in message
news:9nn4iq$6hh$1 at
> Could you do what you want to do in Word by hand and record it as a macro?
> You could then have to options:
> - from python call the macro in vbs
> - translate vbs to python

Good idea, except maybe:
-- Word doesn't use VBS (Visual Basic, Scripting Edition), the
    ActiveScripting-compliant subset of VB, but rather VBA
    (Visual Basic for Applications), the full-fledged VB that
    can be embedded in applications: thus, calling a piece of
    VBA from Python isn't quite as easy as calling a piece of
    VBS (the latter is trivial, thanks to ScriptControl!)
-- VB in any edition isn't case-sensitive, Python is (unless
    you take pains to ensure you get hold of the *dynamic*
    wrapper to whatever COM server you need to access, which
    gives its own problems e.g. with [output] arguments that
    aren't the single [output,retval]) -- a VB (any kind)
    macro could be sloppy in its choice of upper/lowercase
    (same for docs oriented to VB), which could make it hard
    to solve the issue in Python (VC++ with #import has the
    same case-sensitivity issue wrt VB-oriented docs, VB-coded
    macros, and so on).


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