Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Sep 13 11:29:52 CEST 2001

"Jason Tishler" <jason at> writes:
> AFAICT, the attached tiny patch is necessary.  With this patch, expat
> built cleanly for me.  However, since a regression test is not supplied,
> I don't know whether or not Cygwin expat works properly.

>From informal tests, it looks just fine.

> Please apply the attached patch to your source and build.  If expat
> functions as expected, then I encourage you to submit it to expat CVS
> for consideration.  Sorry, but I don't use XML (right now) so I don't

NP, I checked the buglist on expat's sourceforge page, and the bug
and solution were already there, so I just added a comment supporting
the request for the patch to be checked in.  make and make install,
and now I appear to have a functional expat under cygwin.

Then I copied pyexpat.c from the Python sources onto its own little
directory to which I added a tiny custom

import sys
from distutils.core import setup, Extension

pyex_ext = Extension('pyexpat', sources=['pyexpat.c'],
    define_macros=[('HAVE_EXPAT_H', '1')],

setup (name = "pyexpat",
       ext_modules = [ pyex_ext ]

and a python install built and installed it flawlessly.

I tested it, again, informally, but it seems fine.

> See the follow for a way to build Cygwin Tkinter:

This one is still giving me trouble, but I'll get back
to it eventually!-)


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