Difference pythonw.exe / python.exe !

Robert Amesz reqhye72zux at mailexpire.com
Thu Sep 6 19:24:13 CEST 2001

Nikolai Kirsebom wrote:

> Some clarification:
> Platform:
> Windows 2000
> Pyhon Active State 2.1 - build 211
> wxPython 2.3 for python 2.1
> The application uses wxPython / wxWindows for user interface.  The
> only interaction with the database is when the whole set of
> definitions are loaded.  I.e all definitions are loaded in one go
> and then the connection to the database is closed.  Searching is
> done exclusively in memory (in string variables in the python code)
> and presentation of result is in a list control in the wxPython
> based GUI. 

I've never observed any differences between python.exe and pythonw.exe 
other than the lack of a console window in the latter.

For debugging purposes you might want to take a look at the SciTE 
editor (at www.scintilla.org, IIRC): when you run a python script from 
it (using F5) it uses pythonw.exe to lanch the script, but it *does* 
intercept any output from the program, and display it in the output 

That should allow you to find out what's going on, at least.

Robert Amesz

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