Difference pythonw.exe / python.exe !

Nikolai Kirsebom nikolai.kirsebom at siemens.no
Thu Sep 6 23:11:09 CEST 2001

I have an program which loads a lot of definitions from a database.
The program makes it possible for the user to search (textually) in
all the definitions.  Result of a search is a list of difinitions
matching the search criteria.

A database may typically contain 5000-10000 definitions and for each
definitions there are 4 logical values.  When loading, all the values
for one the logical part (of all definitions) are concatenated into a
string, each value delimited with '<' and '>' (characters never part
of the value).

When searching the user may specify plain text patterns or regular
expressions - and the source to search (which one of the logical
definitions to search).

I observe that when the application is run with 'python.exe applic.py
...' searching works, however when the application is run with
'pythonw.exe applic.py ...', searching fails (does not find matches).
Does anyone have an idea ?


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