Mac python and Carbon

Richard Jones richard at
Tue Sep 18 01:17:56 CEST 2001

On Tuesday 18 September 2001 06:03, Chris Barker wrote:
> I'm pretty sure Jack is planning on merging MacPython and Unix
> Python on OS-X, so that the Mac stuff will just be extra modules... he's
> making a lot of progress, check out the MacPython mailing list for more
> info.


> Personally, I think AnyGUI is a pipe dream anyway... Why you would want
> a wrapper around a wrapper around a wrapper around a tool kit is beyond
> me:
> AnyGUI->wxPython->wxWindows->Win32|GTK|Carbon
> All you are going to get is a more limited subset of GUI functionality,
> and probably worse performance. I really don't see the point.

I got the feeling from the anygui project that there were less steps involved 
if you have the right wrappers. That is, there's anygui for win32, gtk, qt, 
etc. Adding Carbon would allow:


Which would be a bit of a slowdown, and not allow all the quirks of the 
respective UIs, but would be enough to suffice and let us worry about the 
back-end rather than deal with three quite distinct front-ends.

> I you want a more Pythonic, cleaner interface for GUI programming, I do
> see the point, but targeting ALL GUI toolkits seems like a difficult and
> limiting idea.

I personally don't care for _all_ GUIs in this project, just win32, Qt/Gtk 
and Carbon :)

> I would love to see a thicker wrapper around wxWindows,
> for instance (wxWindows because it has the broadest support for various
> platforms, including macOS and OS-X). The PythonCard project seems to be
> making a nice start on this. A Native Python GUI would be even better,
> but that is a monsterous project.

Yep. Isn't that what anygui could become?


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