a simple question for writtting module

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Wed Sep 5 15:31:27 CEST 2001

"lud" <lud at sogetek.fr> wrote in message
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> Hi !!
> my problem :
> first i write in python :
>         import mymodule
>         data="is a test"
>         mymodule.show()
> ###################
> now in c :
> static PyObject *
> mymodule_show(PyObject * self, PyObject *args)
> {
> /*bla bla bla ....*/
> }
> so i want get the value of data without transmit her in the call of the
> function show
> any idea ?

Yes, several.

The first and main one: don't do it -- it's silly.  It's
counter-productive.  It's unPythonic.  It's the style of
programming that gives programming a bad name.

The second one: if you MUST do it at any cost, look into
sys._getframe, the frame-objects type it returns, and
how from a frame-object you can get at your caller's
local and global variables -- this will let you do this
silliness pretty easily in Python, and the extra mile to
do it from C is really only 800 meters, as it's so easy
for C code to do the equivalent of "import sys", call
the _getframe function of module sys, and so on.

At least, when you're done, you'll have learned a lot
about some of Python's internals and the use of them
from C extension code -- also, this will give you the
time to reflect on whether you really truly want to
do this at all, and hopefully reconsider:-).


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