Creating Excel files on Linux

Michael A. Miller mmiller3 at
Fri Sep 7 22:16:30 CEST 2001

>>>>> "Maan" == Maan M Hamze <mmhamze at> writes:

    > The issue here Michael, in my opinion, is that many attack
    > Microsoft on the premise of the MYTH of an open platform
    > that is being called on by many sides including companies
    > that would not give a dime about this concept if they have
    > the same market share as Microsoft.

Hmmm, I thought the issue was whether or not staroffice could be
used to create xls files.  At least that was the your original
question.  I fail to see how the spreadsheet software market
shares of Sun and Microsoft are relevant.  Or are you looking for
an advocacy discussion?  I've used both excel and staroffice,
but I don't feel strongly enough about either one to get into
that sort of discussion with you.

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