Proposed PEP for a Conditional Expression

Alex Martelli aleax at
Tue Sep 11 11:47:30 CEST 2001

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> :> >          What's wrong with just satisfying people?
> :>
> :> Lots of people asking for it is a reason to write the PEP, but not
> :> necessarily a reason to actually adopt the PEP.
> : Seconded on both scores.  Specifically, adding to Python all the
> : features that "lots of people" ask for would ensure Python's
> : transformation into a huge, bloated language. *THIS* is "what's
> : wrong with just satisfying people", as here rhetorically asked:
> : trying to make everybody happy will ensure nobody's happy:-).
> The above non-sequitur applies equally well to every proposal that
> "lots of people ask for".

Exactly, except it's not a non-sequitur.  "Just satisfying people"
(by meeting every popular feature request) is NO way to design a
language (or, as it happens, any other large software system:-).


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