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Alex Martelli aleax at
Mon Sep 3 17:10:24 CEST 2001

"Patrick" <patrick.fichou at> wrote in message
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> Hi,
> I'm trying to use GMPY module but it does not seem to work !? When I
> the GMPY module into Python IDE, I get an error message telling me that
> DLL is missing, but does not give the name of this missing DLL.

I had last updated the file you downloaded:
on Jan 24, and Python 2.1 was not released then -- only Python 2.0.

So, the windows-binary version of GMPY could only run with Python 2.0.

I've just uploaded a release that runs with Python 2.1 instead:

No other changes, except rebuilding it with Python 2.1.  I've also
made a 09a21 release of the sources package, taking the occasion to
fix the doctest (which relied on the error message format from
Python 2.0 -- now it expects the message format of 2.1:-) and add
the (to be used just like to build the
"pysymbolicext" sample C-extension to gmpy kindly supplied by Pearu
back in January.

> Can someone help ?

Who better than the author/maintainer, i.e., me?-)  (P.S.: I
wonder why you didn't mail me directly -- isn't my email
in evidence somewhere on the project page...?  Gotta fix
that, if so...!).

> * I use a 2.1 AtiveState version of python 'as it comes from thes
> ActiveState' site,
> * I have downloaded the 0.9 version of GMPY and copied the GMPY.PYD and
> PYSYMBOLICEXT.PYD files in my \Python21\lib directory...

Thanks for the details, which immediately enabled me to pinpoint
the problem -- and thanks for your interest in GMPY, too.


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