Justifying text.

A.A andtherewaswater at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 29 16:18:15 CEST 2001

Well, by text I mean text.

And by text editors I mean editors like "xyz" that has a feature to
justify a black of selected text.

So there's no program for linux like 'justify' ?

Boyd Roberts wrote:
> "A.A" <andtherewaswater at yahoo.com> a écrit dans le message news: 3BB55DEC.67F78190 at yahoo.com...
> > In most traditional heavy-weight text editors written in C, there is an
> > option to justify. Do the programmers use a traditional method/formula ?
> the general case is reasonable chunk of code (ie. variable width fonts).
> what do you mean by text?
> a 'text editor' that justifies text is not a text editor.

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