Pymacs 0.2 for testing!

François Pinard pinard at
Fri Sep 14 00:20:06 CEST 2001

[Carey Evans]

> When Python crashed with an IndexError, the editor froze until I
> pressed C-g.  Should Pymacs be checking for an end of file or similar
> on the process buffer?

After your letter, I added many little things so Pymacs gets more robust to
protocol errors.  I would not guarantee that it would resist to absolutely
everything, but it should have become more solid in the last Pymacs releases.

The only thing I did not address (and I think the problem was described by
you), is the suggestion that, at initialisation time, Pymacs undoes what
he did whenever something serious happens before initialisation completes.
This might be complex to program, and probably not worth the trouble anymore,
by now.  If you think I'm overseeing serious problems, please tell me! :-)

François Pinard

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