Peculiar problem with freeze on linux

Audun Arnesen Nordal audun at
Mon Sep 24 09:31:05 CEST 2001

I am working on a project that uses Python, and I use freeze to wrap
up everything in a few binaries. All modules from the Python
distribution written in C that I use in Python are statically built
into the interpreter I use when freezing. The project uses a few
additional modules that are shipped as shared object files, and on
Solaris these modules are imported beatifully. However, on Linux I see
some very funny linking behaviour:

  File "../lib/", line 42, in ?
    import _mymodule
ImportError: ../lib/ undefined symbol: _Py_NoneStruct

_Py_NoneStruct is a symbol within the interpreter itself as far as I
can tell, so this should already be in place, shouldn't it?

All help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Audun Nordal

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