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Cliff Wells logiplexsoftware at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 13 02:37:57 CEST 2001

On Wednesday 12 September 2001 17:22, Delaney, Timothy wrote:
> > > As I have not heard a single word about it on the list so
> >
> > far, I thought that
> I think that's because most people have other outlets for their feelings,
> and prefer not to pollute a technical newsgroup with off-topic
> conversations.
> I have seen exactly the same thing in most forums and newsgroups I
> participate in - there is at most one thread on the tragedy, and in most
> cases none.
> Web sites appear to have differing opinions on what to do - for example,
> among the online comics I visit, about half have put up a message
> expressing their condolences, and removed any comics, a number more have
> put up messages, but continued their comics, some have ignored it
> completely, and a few have expressed their feelings in a comic created
> especially.
> Personally, I prefer to keep this type of thing offline.

I don't think that technical forums are really the place for this either, 
nevertheless, given the scale of the tragedy, it is sort of reassuring to see 
that people give a damn.


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