COM-support for Variant-Typ VT_ARRAY | VT_VARIANT

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Wed Sep 26 01:38:31 CEST 2001

Sven Burk wrote:

> I try to get data from a database frontend via Python in
> using the following function of the API. I used makepy to ensure
> early binding.
>    stat = self.QMFWin.FetchNextRow(QueryID, result)
> The variable result is of the above type. I have to initialize this variable.
> I always get the error message:
> stat =  self.QMFWin.FetchNextRow(QueryID, result)
>   File "<COMObject QMFWin.Interface.2>", line 2, in FetchNextRow
> com_error: (-2147352571, 'Typenkonflikt.', None, 2)
> How must I initialize the variable result?

I assume result is an "out" param - in this case, it is not passed, but 

I would expect the call to look like:

stat, result = self.QMFWin.FetchNextRow(QueryID)

Can you post the method definition for FetchNextRow as generated by 
makepy in the generated .py file?



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