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>>I'm working on a little python program to print the contents of a
>>directory whatever (within a limited range) the type of documents
>>contained within.  
>>Rather to my surprise it's easy, using win32com, to print Word, Excel
>>Powerpoint and Viso files
>>Unfortunately, I'm a bit stuck on how to print Acrobat files.  Acrobat 4
>>provides an ActiveX control intended for use in IE, but I'm stumped how
>>to make use of it to print.
>>Any ideas?
> under unix printing pdf can be done using the acroread program and
> command line options. It's more difficult with win32. I have used a
> sendkeys like approach to get the default menus to work. The 4.0 reader
> under windows has quite an extensive COM interface, but it's pretty bad
> at real automation.

have a look at too. this ps and pdf viewer can be 
driven by command line and can print or create images from the input files.
there is a freeware version and a commercial one.

"gsview" is the program you want, but you need the ghostscript library too 
to run it.

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