Can I set up a developers environment and make an exe in windows?

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Tue Sep 4 16:03:26 CEST 2001

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> Currently I use C++ to write windows programs, but I was thinking that
> I could save time by using python.  Is this possible and is it worth
> it?

Yes, it's quite possible, and OH YES, it IS worthwhile.  I have
very high C++ proficiency (top percentile according to Brainbench,
or I wouldn't be an MVP of theirs) yet my Python productivity is
*WAY* higher -- 2 to 10 times in most realms.  These days I
routinely prototype in Python anything I write, even if I have
to deliver it as C++ later -- I'd rather find out my design
flaws &c in Python, then gradually recode to C++ (mostly with
Boost, or, often, via COM) while running tests to prove I'm not
breaking anything.  There's still a net gain over doing C++
at once -- higher quality AND slightly faster delivery.

Alex (Brainbench MVP for C++)

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