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> Ack.  Can one of you guys point me in the right direction for some
> compiler/interpreters for Miranda or APL.  I found the APL to C
> compiler, but I was hoping for an interpreter.  Miranda seems to be
> copyrighted and APL seems to have very little website/newsgroup support.
>  Thanks for you help,

APL is justly regarded as a language we don't need to know about any more
(mainly because modern keyboards don't have enough keys for it :-) )...
but just in case you are interested, take a look here:

A+ is a language grown out of APL, developed by people from Morgan
Stanley (the investment bank). There is a GPLed interpreter system which
you can download from that site.


If you are intested in even more esoteric languages, you might want to
look at the Cat's Eye Technologies website:

part of which is a collection of esoteric programming language --
including two really beautiful ones: Befunge (2D source code), and
Brainf**k (minimalist and beautiful), as well as several horrible ones,
Intercal (the original obfuscated programming language) among them.

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