To re or not to re ... ( word wrap function?)

Skip Montanaro skip at
Sat Sep 22 01:40:21 CEST 2001

    Chris> I was just asked if it would be hard to write a script that would
    Chris> take the output from an MS word: "save as text" operation, and
    Chris> re-format it so it was wrapped to 80 character lines. 

I've been using this to format text for a long time.  It runs on a 1.5.2
system so it doesn't use string methods or any 2.0+ syntax.

    def wrap(s, col=74, startcol=0, hangindent=0):
        """Insert newlines into 's' so it doesn't extend past 'col'.

        All lines are indented to 'startcol'.  The indentation of the first 
        line is adjusted further by hangindent.
        import re, string
        s = re.split(r'\s+', s)
        new_s = [' '*(startcol+hangindent)]
        append = new_s.append
        line_len = (startcol+hangindent)
        for e in s:
            if not e:
            if line_len + 1 + len(e) > col:
                append('\n'+' '*(startcol)+e)
                line_len = len(e) + startcol
                if line_len > startcol+hangindent:
                    append(' ')
                    line_len = line_len + 1
                line_len = line_len + len(e)
        return string.join(new_s, '')

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