Pythonwin and .NET

Chris Goringe goringe at
Mon Sep 10 02:01:20 CEST 2001

> How will Microsoft .NET affect PythonWin and the way we do things through
> ASP and Python at least.  If there is a website where you comment on these
> things I can look at it.  Or you are welcome to offer some of your comments
> here.

Having now played with .NET for a while, I'd have to say that its big
selling point is the ability to mix languages, choosing the
appropriate langauge for the appropriate part of the project. I know
you can do that in the current regime, but .NET makes it very easy.

So I'd love to see python integrated into .NET. Python is a great,
easy to learn, powerful, flexible and expressive language, but isn't
the right language choice for every problem. If it were integrated
into .NET, it would have to compete with all the other langauges there
- but that shouldn't be a problem. Everyone I know who has started
using python has continued to use it...

But I don't think its going to be easy to do. To really play in the
.NET sandpit, a language must interface with other languages; this
means it must (in terms of its external interfaces) follow the CLS
(Common Language Specification). And this has been written for C#
which doesn't look a very similar language to python...

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