About Tkinter <<MenuSelect>>?

limodou chatme at 263.net
Fri Sep 14 03:00:34 CEST 2001

Jerry Gitomer <jgitomer at erols.com> wrote in message news:<9nqen2$s9b$1 at bob.news.rcn.net>...
>         Ooops!  I forgot that Pmw isn't part of the standard 
> distribution.  download it from pmw.sourceforge.net/
>         The Python MegaWidgets will make your life as a Tkinter 
> programmer much easier.

Thanks. When I wrote the last message, however, I'v already install
the PMW in my python home directory. I'v installed the PMW 0.8.5, but
I cann't find the file that you told me. Whether which I'v installed
is too newer? Thanks again.

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