Zope problem with directory structure

Lee Harr missive at frontiernet.net
Tue Sep 11 00:26:40 CEST 2001

On Sun, 09 Sep 2001 22:43:55 GMT, Ken Egervari <ken at positive-edge.com> wrote:
> So is Zope more of a RAD tool for making quick sites?  I can see where it's
> nice if you want to make a small site - but how good is really for doing
> something like amazon.com?  heck, even something along the lines of any site
> with dynamic content from databases.  It just seems that they've made this
> completely new way of developing, that it might only cater to a narrow set
> of programmers.
> A lot of my links and page urls aren't based on the Folder model, but are
> based on database information to generate menus, all types of sections and
> sub-sections and language information for content.  This just seems like a
> harder model to implement in Zope.  What are your comments on this?

I came to Zope from php, so I can certainly understand your perspective.
At first, I wanted to store all of my data in postgres and pull it out
in to pages, just like in php. That just does not work very well in
Zope (at least not right out of the box).

In Zope, I find it easiest to leave the relational database behind
and just create objects. It is really quick and easy.

Of course, there are ways to bridge the gap: products which map
between object methods and database queries. I think these are
mostly useful if you need access to the data from other clients
(psql, sqlplus, etc) or if you have special tools already working
which use a relational system.

Of course, I never made _anything_ with 800 classes, so ymmv. :)

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