Trouble installing PmwContribD - no "PmwContribD.pth"

Russell Whitaker whitaker at
Thu Sep 13 22:22:12 CEST 2001

I've searched Google (web and Groups) before asking this, so
here goes:

I'm needing the functionality documented in Doug Hellmann's
PmwContribD class  In the docs (from
what I assume to be the canonical distributions at:
"") is mentioned
a file "PmwContribD.pth" (also mentioned only here in a search:
which is not included in either the .gz or .zip archive
on SourceForge (v r1_16).

I notice also that there's no in the extracted
distro, either.

I'm developing on a WinME laptop running Python 2.2a3 with the
prerequisite Pmw 0.8.5, no problems importing Pmw, which is under
sys.path (under Python22\Lib) in a directory at the same level
as PmwContribD.  Registry editor confirms o/s environment is set.

Same with another development box nearby, same Pmw, but running
a stable Python 2.1.1 under WinNTsp6 (I'm a Linux/BSD/Irix/Solaris
weenie by the way, so don't get the wrong idea ;)).  No problems
with Pmw imports, but plenty with PmwContribD.

Anyone else had problems with non-Linux/unix installation of

Russell Whitaker

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