Idea about method parameters

Markus Schaber markus at
Wed Sep 26 21:47:47 CEST 2001


Tom Loredo <loredo at> schrub:

>> And this is exactly why I begun this discussion here. I wanted to
>> know whether there are more (enough) programmers that will like it,
>> what bad side effects it has, and whether it is worth any effort.
> I tend to be very conservative about changes to Python, but I have to
> confess that this one I do like.  Its syntax is obvious and
> seems to me to be cleaner and more controlled
> than Wolfgang's (admittedly clever) __dict__ approach; in particular,
> it would catch misspellings (if the use used a keyword that wasn't
> in the argument list).

Yes, it is a clever solution, and works for most of the cases, great 

But it doesn't work well if you only want to assign some of the 
parameters, and it leaves the variable dictionary polluted (although it 
is clear that those bindings are done).
> I'm still waiting to learn of any bad side effects....

I hope there aren't any :-)

The syntax I propose was invalid before, so it should not break any 
existing code, and the semantics are expressable in clean, normal 
python code (even preprocessor-like), so it should be compatible with 
every usage of so defined methods.

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