Why Tcl/Tk

Maan Hamze mmhamze at pleiades.net
Sat Sep 15 00:04:45 CEST 2001

The only GUI I ever used with Python is Tkinter (what you refer to as
Tcl/Tk).  So I do not know about the rest.  But maybe you touched upon the
issue here:  TCL/Tk - a widely supported and cross platform interface with
an active community working on it that goes beyond Python.  Also, lots of
literature on it.  For example, check the excellent John E. Grayson's book
Python and Tkinter Programming.  But on the long run, it is also a matter of
personal taste.  Tkinter comes with Python and it appeals to a wide sector
of users.  Then if one feels like using another interface so be it.

"Janos Blazi" <jblazi at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:3ba27ba1_8 at news.newsgroups.com...
> My question has probably been discussed for ages. Why uses Python Tcl/Tk
> de facto GUI toolkit?
> I think that both GTK+ and Qt are generally considered more powerful than
> Tcl/Tk and I was very much surprised that in fact bindings for both
> libraries exist for Python.
> J.B.
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