Threading on IRIX 646

Martin Franklin martin.franklin at
Mon Sep 24 13:50:21 CEST 2001

Aahz Maruch wrote:

> In article <9o77mo$3uo2$1 at>,
> Martin Franklin  <martin.franklin at> wrote:
>>I have a problem with threads on IRIX......  that probably says it all...
>>  [...]
>>line 2680, in insert
>>, 'insert', index, chars) + args)
>>TclError: Nonebad option "0": must be bbox, cget, compare, configure,
>>debug, delete, dlineinfo, dump, get, image, index, insert, mark, scan,
>>search, see, tag, window, xview, or yview
> This looks like a Tk error.  What version of Tk are you using?  Is it
> the same as the other platforms?
> Also, I'll mention the usual advice for SGI: turn off *ALL*
> optimizations and recompile Python and Tcl/Tk.

The version of Tk is the same for all platforms (8.3.2 I seem to remember)
I compiled this over a year ago and can't find the directory I did it in , 
sloppy i know;-)  When I upgrade to python 2.2 I will have to recompile for 
all platforms and will check the SGI options.. thanks..

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