Why so few Python jobs?

Ken Seehof kseehof at neuralintegrator.com
Mon Sep 24 23:32:49 CEST 2001

> Me parece que Cliff Wells <logiplexsoftware at earthlink.net> dijo:
> > Because once it's written in Python it never needs to be fixed?
> That's psychotically optimistic, isn't it?  It's a fine opinion to have,
> but don't bet anything worthwhile on it.  <wink>
> Tim
> --
> A man may sometimes be forgiven the kiss to which he is not entitled,
> but never the kiss he has not the initiative to claim.

It's a bit more reasonable to say:
"Once it's written in Python it's easy to fix."

Which is pretty good compared to:
"Once it's written in C++ it better not need to be fixed."
"Once it's written in Perl it won't need to be fixed, cause nobody can read
it anyway." ;-)

- Ken

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