Converting tuples to dictionaries?

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Wed Sep 26 10:21:50 CEST 2001

> From:	Mart van de Wege [SMTP:mvdwege.usenet at]
> > This is definitive -
> > <>.
> I've seen the docs on, but they appear to be not quite
> complete.
> According to dir(cursor_object) there are a couple of methods not covered
> in
> the API description. Also, I'm having a little trouble understanding
> exactly
> what arguments the methods take and what they return.
Hmmm. AFAIK, if this document is inaccurate, then it is *definitively*
inaccurate! This is the *specification* of the DBAPI-2.0.

You don't mention which DB module you are using, but is it possible that it
*extends* the API? (mxODBC does for example, IIRC.)
> OTOH I'm not having a lot of trouble finding out what things do with trial
> and
> error, and I think I'd have less trouble reading the source than getting
> my
> head round OO programming, as I am a procedural programmer originally.
It isn't easy, I know. After programming for over a decade (in my case), to
suddenly find that all your knowledge and instincts about how to go about
designing a program are suddenly totally wrong is disconcerting to say the

The only advise that I can get is to keep plugging away - keep getting it
wrong until you start to get it right. ("Bugger, I shouldn't have made the
*page* the object, the *paragraph* should have been the object!") Think back
to when you started to learn to program, and remember how often you got
things wrong and started all over again back then - you are going to have to
go through the same thing again.

You might find "Object-Oriented Design In Java" by Stephen Gilbert and Bill
McCarty (Waite Group Press, 1998) useful. Little of it is Java specific.

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